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6 Valuable Lessons You Can Learn From The Martian
There may be times on your journey toward your goals when the situation seems hopeless. When you look toward your vision ...

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7 Steps On How To Stay Motivated For The Long Haul
There is excitement as we make a decision to do something big - help the homeless, start a business, run a marathon...

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4 Reasons You Procrastinate With Daily Tasks
You have a task that you know that you need to do. It sits there, staring you in the face, or lurks just around the corner....

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5 Ways To Rekindle Your Motivation Through Mini-Vacations
Sometimes we may not even realize that we are getting burned out. But the warning signs are there - our productivity is slipping....

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How to Create a Powerful Vision And Change Your Life
Great visionaries change the world - people like Henry Ford with the Model T, Mother Teresa helping the poor, and Steve Jobs....

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